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Mamma Diaries ……….. Keep your children SAFE!

Wow… it’s has been a while.

I mean a long while…..

All I can say is my life has been tiring, busy and hectic. So much has happened in the last month good and bad that I have had to make sure that my priorities are in order. So that meant that my blog had to take a back seat. But I’m back now and I have so much to tell on so many Diaries gonna be busy for a good few weeks. Also my holidays are coming up and they are well deserved I tell you that.

So I will start with a important story that happens to my family a few weeks ago.

My eldest daughter takes bus to school sometimes. She wanted to be a little independent and due to her school only being around a 5 min bus journey from our house, we allowed her too. The first time she done it, I was at the school waiting and watch just to make sure she crossed the road how I taught her, and that she got there on time. I taught her well. 😁.

Every time she caught bus to school a family member was always on the phone to her to make sure she got there safely.

One day I was really poorly so poorly that I couldn’t go to work, I had taken the younger two to nursery and My eldest said she will take bus, as I have Bluetooth in my car I rang her on my way back to the house and she was on the bus going to school, I heard her get off the bus as she said thank you to the driver. All of a sudden I heard her say ‘er…. no thank you’ The started running, I asked her who she was talking to and if she was okay. She didn’t reply and I could still hear her running so in that moment I turned my car around and was bombing it to her school. I didn’t know what speed limit was at that point of time, as I’m driving I’m still asking what’s wrong then I heard her say I’m okay mum I’m in school. By then I was already outside her school I asked why she was running and who she was talking to. In that moment I froze… She told me that a man had asked her to get in his car and go for some food, to which she replied ‘no thank you’. He then asked how old she was and if she went to that school (the bus top is opposite her school), and that is when she started running.

We told her teachers at school and the school contacted the police and the council. I have always taught my daughter that if you are anywhere and you feel like someone is following you or you don’t feel safe, don’t look back just run as fast as you can to the nearest public place, shop, hairdressers, takeaway anywhere public. I told her to never knock on a house door unless there is nowhere else around but in case they are not in. T is a fast runner so I said you have speed on your side useit.

I am so lucky that my daughter is safe, you can believe she hasn’t taken bus to school since, and Big G has been on a rampage but it looks like he hasn’t been back as far as we know.

The police have been excellent, T had to do a statement and also and edit image of what the man looked like, she did really well and was so helpful to the police, even remember part of his car license plate number. Unfortunately he hasn’t been caught …yet, but hopefully he will.

But this is about keeping your children safe, this world is getting so dangerous and it’s a shame that because of a sick few we can’t let our kids be kids and we have to explain to them what’s going on in the real world, to protect them. It’s not the best conversation to have with your children, but have a plan in place with your children in regards to safety. Also be honest and explain to them the reason why these plans have to be adhered to. T gets upset that she has to be in from playtime at 8pm and the rest of her friends 9.30pm. I have to explain 1. I am not their parents and 2. You are only 10 and 3. That’s my rules if you don’t like it then you don’t play out at all.

It’s all about keeping our children safe.

I read an article a few weeks back about a family who was at a crowded summer fete, a mum let go of her toddlers hand for 2 minutes and he was gone. When she realised her and her family started shouting his name, that he is missing and what he was wearing, they just kept repeating it. That got others to start shouting it until someone found him. He was alone but said a man said he was going to take him to see a rocket, the shouting must of spooked him so he left him. I though that idea was just so quick thinking and effective something we should all do.

I know it’s not been the nicest diary entry to come back with but I felt it was the most important, and I hope this can also help others in speaking to their children and getting a safety plan in place.

Stay safe.

Love, Always

The Crossley Mamma Diaries


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